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Do Good Did Good! :)

January 18, 2013

Cresting the hill of doom

The morning started with a run to the top of a killer hill, but the beautiful view made it worth all the pain! Maya, Renee, Sarah, Caleb, and Morgan all braved the early morning to run and watched the sunrise while swimming in Little Lameshur. The day was bound to be a success after such a gorgeous morning!

Cinnamon Bay was our first stop for today’s activities. We hiked a nature trail around the Cinnamon Bay Sugar Mill ruins, and learned all about the process of sugar cane production. In preparation for our trip to St. John, we all spent time reading and familiarizing ourselves with the island’s slave history. Seeing the ruins in person made the whole experience more meaningful.

partial group shot Cinnamon Bay

Next we were off to Maho Bay, an eco-friendly resort that is unfortunately closing in May. We spent time walking around the resort (after indulging in some delicious ice cream!), and exploring the way in which the resort reduces its impacts on the environment.

Afterwards we visited another Sugar Mill, the Annaberg ruins, which was established in 1718. At these ruins, cane was crushed by a windmill and plow horses. Slaves were forced to work between 18-20 hours a day during harvest season and endured many hardships. We were fortunate enough to make a new friend while touring, named Charles “Do Good”. As a native of St. John, he was kind enough to share his knowledge of the many species of plants inhabiting this island. He  offered us fresh coconut, sugar cane, and bananas, as well as teaching us how the natives rely on and use many plant materials for everyday life.

Charles do good - Annaberg volunteer

Tour guides for day

First lunch was consumed before we headed off to snorkel Waterlemon Key. This particular snorkel spot had an array of marine life and a swift current to match. Everyone handled the choppy waters with ease. Many were able to collect data for their independent research projects, and the majestic view was enjoyed by all!


A snorkel in “Octopus Garden” was our next destination. It was by far the favorite snorkel for most people in our group, due to the elegant sea fans that sway back and forth with every passing wave.

Sea fan in octopus garden

After a long day it was time for a delicious meal. We were treated to dinner at Shipwreck, a local restaurant in Coral Bay that offered fresh seafood. Some of the favorite dishes included grouper, shrimp scampi, and clam chowder. During the course of the meal, most could be found deep in a serious staring contest. Hannah and Caleb were the champions. Regan and I failed miserably…lets just say Regan cannot go a minute without smiling! 🙂

Thanks for reading our blog,

Tigggggggger and Knox 🙂


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  1. Patricia Knox permalink

    Sounds like another full day with new adventures. So sad to hear about a resort closing,I would pay to vacation there. Have you seen any stingrays? Enjoy your remaing time. Be safe.

  2. jerry godard permalink

    I take joy in your collective presence here – the writing, the linkages, the meaning as it emerges, the commitments as they emerge
    Ihank you,

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