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Where is the Baobob Tree?

January 20, 2013


Baobob Tree

After a much needed rest from our longest day on the island we awoke to search for the Baobob tree. It is the only known sacred and magical Baobob tree left on St John. We were all excited to discover the African jewel tucked away in the lush, overgrown forest. We were told that another lies a short distance away, however we were unsuccessful in finding the second one. A couple of us went to Maho Bay to survey tourist and the rest of the group ventured on to Cathrineburg for our second lunch.

Group shot at Baobob

The schoolmasters and the juveniles with the Baobob Tree

Jumping in Catherineburg

The sun was hot and everyone was ready for a nice lunch in the shade. We ate together in the old windmill on the plantation property. The sugar cane plantation, started by a Dutch family in 1718 was used until demands declined in 1896. Afterwards most of the land was used for raising livestock until 1915 when all operations stopped. It was kept restored and used as a small farm by an American in the 1940s but is no longer in production.

Our next stop for the day, voted unanimously by the group, was Pelican Rock, named for its feathery residents. We snorkeled through the magical world beneath the rocks, full of waving sea fans, soft colorful coral and impressive fish. Collectively we discovered numerous Trumpetfish, Honeycomb Cowfish, Spotted Trunckfish, and a baby Octopus. We were all blown away by  these rare treasures of the sea.

pelican rock

under pelican rock

hunting for eels

A tiny baby eel was discovered at the shore line. We all wondered why it was so close to the shore but we left him in his chosen space.


An abundance of chickens greeted us while we sat drying on the shore. We fed Chad, Angela, Lucy, Molly and Anthony remainders of our lunch claiming them as part of our family.

After another fabulous dinner at VIERS  (as always) some of us enjoyed playing games around camp and hopefully we’re off to bed early to be up for another sunrise hike tomorrow. We all are looking forward to wrapping up our individual research projects and enjoying our last day on St John.

-Mya and Amber


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One Comment
  1. Kathy Sheffer permalink

    I am sad to know your trip is nearing its end, but I cannot wait to see my girls, Hannah and Kristie! BTW, your sister doesn’t miss you two yet….lol. Although, she did say “they better be collecting me rocks and sand from those beaches!” She wants the teal colored one from your picture a few days ago. Miss you! Love you! Mom

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