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Captain Morgan’s Crazy Crew! “This is our light day”

January 16, 2013

Mya taking data

We started our “relaxing” day off at the Princess Bay mangroves, where some of us were able to take data for our research projects and some of us took a break from research.  We didn’t see too many different species, but the ones we did see were amazing, so camouflage and so small.  We didn’t last too long in the mangroves because it was a little cold, so we headed to Haulover Bay to clean up the beaches.

picking up trash on Haulover

None of us were expecting the amount of trash that collected along North Haulover Bay.  We found trash anywhere from coffee stirrers to size 15 shoes.  After picking up as much stinky trash as we could, counting every piece, we tallied the total outcome to be 5879 pieces of trash that weighed 92.3 lbs.

group with trash

FIRST LUNCH TIME!!!  We got to enjoy our packed lunches on South Haulover Bay and reflect on the trash that we collected.  Smelly, cold wet suits were put on and we all walked backwards into the Bay and dove in collecting more research.  Even though we were all tired and needed a rest from our previous day we managed to all see so many different species and still have the best time.  Some of us were so tired that when we got out of the water and put our clothes back on, they put their shirt on backwards and inside out…Joe.  It was time to hop back into the jeeps and head to Vie’s Snack Shack to have her famous Conch Fritters and Johnny Cakes…SO GOOD!!!  People would have lost a finger if they tried to eat or steal any of our Conch Fritters and Johnny Cakes (Second Lunch).

Eating at Vies

Our last stop was Hansens Bay which is owned by the Vie’s family.  This was our “relax” time, where we were able to either snorkel this bay or skip rocks across the water on the beach.  The people that snorkeled this bay got to swim to Pelican Rock to enjoy the beautiful coral, sea fans, sponges, and outstanding fish that surrounded the rock.

Since we’ve been here, we have been collecting shells for the land crabs back at VIERS.  Unfortunately, our good deeds were not appreciated by the already occupied shell that we tried to collect.  Poor Caleb was pinched.

Time to shop!  Skinny legs was our next stop where we got to shop for souvenirs.  We ended a great day with wonderful lasagna made by the amazing VIERS volunteers.  Our “relax” day is over and its time to start the rest of our busy days exploring the Caribbean!

Skippy (Hannah) and Jazzy D (Dani)


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  1. Wow! I like your blog so much that I have shared it for my group to follow. My wife and I have been exploring St. John for 28 years and we are leading a group of 17 people (mostly high school students) down to VIERS in April for a 10 day educational adventure. Our students have always loved Ram Head and the Blue Cobblestone beach too! Our students will also form groups, explore research topics on the island and then we will conduct a webcast with other students back home.

    I hope your adventure is life-changing for all of you…

    Jeff Peneston Earth Science Teacher, Liverpool HS, Liverpool, NY

    • So glad you all are following our class blog Jeff – I look forward to hearing about your adventures in April! We have had a grand grand time! There are so many ways to learn here…and to our delight our students seem to be open to it all! It is the best of teaching and why we are in this business! – Renee (one of the group leaders)

  2. Patricia Knox permalink

    Wow that is alot of trash wouldn’t it be great if all people visiting beaches picked up trash. What you did is your gift to the island and its inhabitants. That kind of experience will remain with you and is probably the most important thing you will do while you are there. Thanks!

  3. cassidy fasick permalink

    im loving reading yalls blog. i can picture each location and it brings back wonderful memories. hold on to each and every day because you will never forget that magical place.

  4. Terri Franklin permalink

    I am enjoying seeing your adventures through your blogs! Enjoy every minute!

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