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We are in the Turtle – Sadie Adventures

January 14, 2013

The sun broke open its colors as seven of us went for our run up the steep road leading to VIERS. After the sweat and mud was over, the ocean welcomed us into its sunrise kissed arms. Sooner or later, the smell of egg sandwiches, hash-browns and fresh fruit beckoned us from our beds and our ocean swim to fuel our marathon day of snorkeling.

AND NOW LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE RESULTS ARE IN…Our mark recapture of the hermit crabs concluded that there are approximately 927 hermit crabs inhabiting the VIERS landscape.

The sea called to us once again, only this time we traveled much further. The Sadie Sea arrived at our boat dock to retrieve us at 9 am. We sailed the gentle seas for over an hour before we reached a similar destination of classic literature… Flanagan’s Island. Once there, we plunged into the sea and discovered our first marine environment of the day: Coral Reef. Flanagan’s offered us a wide variety of species such as another octopus, a gray angelfish, parrotfish of all kinds and many others. After our group rounded the rock, we were faced with a daring circumstance. There is a small current that opens up and allows access back to the boat. However, fire coral and sea anemones line our path. Through mini panic attacks and fast paddling, we all survived the dangers cast in our way.

group shot above water small

Our next stop was a very different environment; the calm mangrove lined bay of Hurricane Hole. Here, boats are allowed to come and moor during dangerous weather conditions. On this gorgeous day though, we were able to explore its wide variety of species protected by the roots of the gentle mangroves. Fish can grow and flourish in the dense nutrients provided by the caged roots of the mangroves. This environment is the backbone of the Caribbean Islands by protecting healthy coral and fish from terrestrial runoff and adding to the landmass of the islands.

stoplight initial

Disappointed to find that Booby Rock was overrun with snorkelers, we ventured to the grasslands of Reef Bay. Here we saw High Hats for the first time and a Mahogany Snapper.

Lastly we headed to Tektite, previously a site for NASA’s Aquanaut’s who lived under the sea for long periods of time. We explored the colonized pavement with towering cliff faces looming nearby. We watched what we assumed to be the synchronized mating dance of the porcupine fish. The fish were endless, and the memories remain. We concluded our last snorkel with the discovery of a spotted eagle ray. As we emerged from the water, Sadie’s top deck beckoned us again to submerge once again. We hurled ourselves off the deck with laughs and screams of joy.

sadie sea jump small
Our day ended with another great dinner, laughs among friends, and some good ol’ Apples to Apples. We await another day filled with hiking, snorkeling and a sunset dinner at the ruins.

Bloggers – Caleb, the Old Timer, and Amber, the Nut Queen


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  1. Jill Budd permalink

    I am so glad to hear you had calm seas. has St. John listed in a high seas and dangerous surf/ riptide warning today through Tuesday! …Sounds like everyone is having a great time!

  2. Jenna Gant permalink

    Sounds like another amazing day!

  3. Cheryl permalink

    Keep making memories. Can’t wait to see lots of pictures.

  4. William Alexander permalink

    Haha Nut Queen – that ones gonna stick… Kids have been notified…

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