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“Lame-shur” Not!!!

January 13, 2013

Frogs, crickets, and birds oh my! 7:30am sure did come early after a long day of travel and excitement. We woke up to the sound of a giant metal triangle announcing a wonderful breakfast of fluffy pancakes.
We headed out to do a mark and recapture experiment with the local hermit crabs that inhabit VIERS. There were four groups that each spent 30 minutes catching and marking as many hermit crabs as possible within a specific area. 104 crabs were caught! Tomorrow we will search again and compare results!

Viers camp

We suited up for our first snorkeling adventure and hit the seas. The first stop was Little Lameshur and this location was filled with amazing creatures. Some of the critters that were spotted included: an octopus, 5 squid, a lionfish, a brittle sea star and a peacock flounder! It is really unusual to see such a large octopus out in the open and we were lucky enough to witness it changing color and texture. All in all it was an incredible experience and everyone found a diverse array of marine life.
We then took a lunch break and had a chance to note all the fish identified in the first bay. After lunch it was time to head back out into the ocean. On the way to Great Lameshur, our second snorkel spot, we took some time to collect litter along the road. When we arrived to the rocky beach we continued to pick up trash and determined whether the debris was from the land or had been washed up in the tide. After cleaning the beach we geared up and jumped right into the crystal blue waters. We snorkeled around the point, seeing many more interesting species of fish, and as time went by we were able to more easily identify the various species. We swam to a little pebbly beach called Donkey Bite and took some time to relax and enjoy the view. Many of us collected colorful shells and interesting rocks while others took some time to catch a few rays. A brightly colored, probably poisonous caterpillar was spotted on the edge of the beach.

Group shot small

“The sun’s getting ready to come out”…..said Renee. 20 minutes later “It’s coming!”….said Renee…another 5 minutes “Well the sun is not doing quite what I wanted it to do….”said Renee. Needless to say we didn’t get chance to warm up but went back into the water eagerly! A sea turtle and a porcupine fish were spotted on the way back to the camp making the swim eventful.
Back at VIERS we enjoyed a warm three-minute shower and a wonderful dinner. The dishwashing crew changed the way dishes will be washed forever with their beautiful singing and dancing! ☺ We even learned the official VIERS song is “Toes in the Water” by the Zac Brown Band and some of the VIERS staff joined along with their own dance moves. We ended the evening with a research meeting and everyone had a chance to discuss his or her projects! After the meeting it was time to hit the sack and get ready for another full day that is surely not to be lame!

Tigger (Regan) and Molly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ☺ ❤


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  1. Jenna Gant permalink

    Holy cow, I can’t believe you saw an octopus!! Was it wearing a top hat? (haha, Knox ;]) I love these blog updates!

  2. Kathy permalink

    Hannah! What’s with your hair!

  3. Patricia Knox permalink

    So glad to hear about your daily experiences and encounters, Look forward to more. Enjoy every precious moment!

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