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Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Roanoke anymore

January 11, 2013

We were able to sleep in a bit (for the final time) today before meeting up at 1 pm to weigh our bags. The winner of the Lightest Bag title was stripped from Kristin this year and bestowed upon Mary Ellen! A few of us had to re-evaluate our packing choices and get rid of some of the weight, but we all got our bags underweight in the end. We then had until 4 to run around and say our goodbyes and get our carry-on bags packed away.

We met up again at 4 and walked over to Hollywoods together to have a group dinner with Caleb’s teacher Joe (who is coming on our trip), Jon Guy and Prince Henry.

We grouped up in front of Dana after dinner and set off on our adventure via the very speedy Turtle bus driven by Jon Guy. The radio station played On My Way by the Rusted Root (the song from Ice Age!) which seemed fitting. We got to the hotel around 8:30, and were reminded by Renee that our accommodations tomorrow night will be very different from the Comfort Inn that we are staying at tonight! Tomorrow morning we are leaving the hotel at 5 am to get to the Greensboro airport, and then flying to Charlotte and then we’re off to St. Thomas, followed by a taxi ride, a ferry ride, and a bumpy Jeep ride to get to VIERS. Wish us luck!

Kristin and Maddy

Weighing bags
weighing bags

Dinner at Hollywoods
group dinner


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  1. Kathy Sheffer permalink

    I am soooooo Jealous! Why didn’t I think of camping on a nearby island while you were there. Having major “mommy” issues with both of my girls being gone. However, your little sister is completely enjoying her “only child” month…..She is driving me crazy, but loving it as well. HAVE FUN!!!! Mom

  2. Cassidy Fasick permalink

    I hope your days of travel have gone well. (hopefully john guy didnt jump any curves this year) By now you guys should be enjoying a lovely dinner by the Viers staff and getting to know your new home for awhile. I hope you guys have an amazing trip and take lots of pictures. I look forward to reading you blog everyday and hearing about your adventures.

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