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That dang “Spotlight” Parrotfish, gets me every time!

January 8, 2013


Group Shot of contract
We arrived back to campus on Monday the 7th eager and ready to begin our St. John adventures. On Monday we tested our fish identification skills, everything from a Yellowtail Snapper to a Porcupinefish. We were quizzed on 60 species of fish for over 2 hours. Our brains, however, were not quite ready for quiz material and we stared with open mouths (just like our fish friends) at the screen, so Renee gave us Oreos. After completing (or should we say attempting…) the fish quiz we finally ate lunch (one of our many meals this trip). We reconvened afterwards to spend time dreaming, planning, and discussing our travels. Our dreams ran over time and we completely forgot to discuss our readings from over break. Day 1 ended with huge smiles and thoughts on the next few days!

Today, Tuesday the 8th, we began class again with another fish quiz, using pictures taken by students from previous years. As a class we did MUCH BETTER this time around, after having studied last night! As part of our time in St. John each of us either in pairs or alone will carry out a research project. As a class we discussed possible research questions and helped each other narrow down methodology. For example,Southern Stingray response to a divers approach with or without a companion fish. FINALLY we were allowed to eat lunch (YAY!). After lunch we made a full value contract, which embodies how we will work as a team while in St. John. This contract consists of a symbol we chose as a class. Within this symbol we wrote words that are significant and important to our time in St. John.
Group contract
Understanding what each of these words meant, we all signed the full value contract (turtle) knowing that these words will make for a fun, safe trip.

Towards the end of class we were assigned groups and a topic to present on tomorrow morning. We will learn about water, introduced species, global climate change, coral bleaching, and energy on the U.S. Virgin Islands. Groups worked on their Powerpoint presentations in order to prepare for tomorrows class.

WE ARE INCREDIBLEY EXCITED AND ANXIOUS ABOUT ARRIVING IN ST. JOHN ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Only a few more days and we cannot wait! 🙂

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum,
Sarah and Dani 🙂


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  1. Great first blog gals – we are off to a great start! – The Schoolmasters!

  2. Patricia Knox permalink

    Have fun, Be safe, Learn something new,

  3. Terri Franklin permalink

    Tweedle Dan: Hope you’re having fun and taking lots of pictures. Can’t wait to see your next blog!

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